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Your relationship will be a symbiotic one. You need a mortgage, Daniel gets lenders vying for your business. In the end, you save thousands of dollars on your mortgage and didn’t cost you a penny.

Broker VS Bank

A Broker’s strong relationships with financial lenders and advanced comprehension of the mortgage industry will save you not only money but time and resources.
Using a Broker over your bank puts you in control.

Save Money

There is power in numbers. Lenders offer best rates to the Brokers that sell their mortgages, most often.
Daniel is part of a community of Mortgage Brokers that leverage purchasing power to get you the lowest rate possible. Very frankly, if you go with a mortgage broker, you will save thousands of dollars.

Get a Mortgage

The easiest way for me to show you what I do is to meet. Please, give me a call if you’re looking for a mortgage and I’ll explain to you just how I will save you literally thousands of dollars on your home purchase!
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Get The Perfect Mortgage

Not all mortgages are created equal. Dan will make sure that you understand all of your options and get the best mortgage for your situation.

Pay Off Your Mortgage

Making sure that your money goes to paying off your home, and not the bank, is always priority one. You are not meant to have a mortgage forever!

Daniel Gives Back

“Playing Sports taught me teamwork, comradery, and leadership. These skills have molded me into the man I am today, and I feel that every kid should have the right to a similiar experience. That’s why I donate $100 per mortgage transaction to Kidsport BC.”

my affiliations

Whether you’ve already spoken to the banks or not, give me a shout and we’ll discuss what kind of a rate I can get you on your next mortgage!

my rates

My services will always be free but mortgage rates will vary based on the economy and mortgage. What you see below are advertised rates but, depending on a number of factors, you may save even more!

Like all other businesses, lenders in BC give the best rate discounts to brokers that sell the most of their mortgage products. I’ve teamed up with many of the other top brokers in Vancouver in order to have access to the best rates from all mortgage lenders. I pass these best rates onto you… my client.

In many cases, you’ll find that I can get lower rates than what you see here on my website. Rates are dependant on many factors that must be considered and explained during the mortgage process. Please call, or email me so we can begin setting you up with the best mortgage for the life you want.

Please note that these rates are based on the most current information I have from my Banks and Lenders, and that they are subject to change. Similarly, rates will be different for each individual based on their financial needs.

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