BC Homeowners update 2015

BC Homeowners update 2015

As many homeowners start to recieve their latest home assesments in the mail, many may notice a rapid growth in the value of thier homes. In BC, this is not unusual, but for condo owners, they should be pleasaently surprised as their assesed value is rising to. Inyears past, condo values have remained quite constant.  Stats show that their has been an average 2% rise in condos, and 6.5% increase in single family homes.

For the latest valuations, follow this link to the BC Assesment’s website. Or if you would like up to date information about your specific area or wondering what your place would sell for, feel free to contact Realtor Kendall Ayres at, [email protected] or www.kendallayres.com. Its sometimes nice to know what you have and what its worth.

Happy New Years everyone and feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance in any way.

Happy New Year 2015




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